Mateusz Sadowski’s fifth solo exhibition at Stereo is a presentation of his latest work. Sadowski’s oeuvre includes photographic series, video art, animated films and photographic objects. In his work, he uses photography as a starting point – sometimes digitally edited, but also modified through physical processes.

Sadowski is interested in creating a poetic message as well as a reflection on the characteristics of this medium itself, and in his recent work aims to give digital photography the characteristics of a single, original piece. Photographs made by contemporary techniques (diasec, dibond, digital printing, etc.) are then subjected to further processing – similarly to how ready-made objects are in the works of sculptors. Sadowski encases the photographic works in resin or plaster and then adds layers of modeling clay and paint as well as phosphorescent dust. As a result, the photographs receive physical qualities extending beyond simply the visual.