Who is Dominika Olszowy?

Volunteer of untruth, Certified vendor of spring water in ladies’ handbags, Pseudo-psychofan of Stal Gorzów speedway club, Europe’s first collector of women’s pre-marital testaments, Breeder of half-breed Instagram dogs, Queen of bogus dates of birth, Fortune teller predicting the past on post-morning television, The flywheel of an outlawed motorcycle club which crashes art show openings, The northern star of art-feminist hip-hop, A manufacturer of funerary cakes with an infinitely-prolonged shelf life, Interior decorator at a correctional home for unemployed artists, Ever-smiling PhD student of medicine for the uninsured, Door-to-door saleswoman of morning coffee stains, Receptionist at the local haunted house for underage girls, Night porter in womens disguise working overtime in a used pleather factory, Shareholder of the funeral home Money Doesn’t Provide Happiness, Addictive sleepwalker of self-portrait black humor, Caretaker of black holes in art, Kleptomaniac of small pleasures, Hope’s only child.