The title of the exhibition is a quote derived from Katarzyna Nosowska’s song titled Mówiła mi matka [My Mother Told Me]. It found its way into the song as one of the many anecdotes that the author cites, recalling her childhood and her relationship with her mother. When writing the lyrics as an adult woman with a grown son of her own, she was accused by internet users of presenting maternal care in a negative light. This highlighted how some women themselves are attached to the myth of the perfect mother.

I’m About to Go Berserk refers to the mother-daughter relationship – its complexity and diversity, the intimacy between two people, the care and shared common experiences – but also their rivalry, rejection and mutual contestation. The exhibit focuses on the development that takes place in these relationships that results from the ever-changing perception of the role of women, the relationships they have with their partners, and their standards regarding family and social life. While examining motherhood, the exhibit also attempts to highlight the more obscure side of the motherdaughter relationship – daughterhood – a term that was introduced into the Polish language thanks to Joanna Miezinska who translated Adrienne Rich’s book Of Woman Born.

In this exhibition, works on motherhood and daughterhood are presented, as well as examples of these relationships in the art world. This allows the viewer to take a closer look at the interactions between mother-artists and daughter-artists, and explore how they both contest and inspire each other. Every woman who has experienced motherhood while at the same having to work understands the internal conflict of dividing her attention between her child and her career, and examples of these difficult, sometimes dramatic, choices can be found in art history. In the exhibition I’m About to Go Berserk, we explore these relationships, as well as situations in which daughters take care of their mothers, supporting them while simultaneously collaborating with them.